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Virginia versus Texas Tech: The Ugliest National Championship Ever.2019 NCAA competition: Bracket, plan, scores, refreshes from Saturday’s Final Four games.The 2019 Final Four is down to the title diversion. Virginia will play Texas Tech for NCAA competition title on Monday, April 8. Remain here for the official March Madness section, scores, timetable and updates underneath, all from Minneapolis.

Virginia beat Auburn, 63-62, in the principal Final Four diversion on three Kyle Guy free tosses with 0.6 seconds to play. Texas Tech at that point destroyed away to beat Michigan State, 61-51.

Snap or tap directly here to open up a printable adaptation of the March Madness section presented beneath in another tab or window. You can print the section in scene or level mode. Here is a .JPG of the 2019 NCAA section on the off chance that you’d like a duplicate in that format:Twelve years prior at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, only a couple of miles from where the men’s Final Four is occurring, a bull loosened up. It charged about a square through the packed grounds, wonderfully missing all fairgoers. At that point it brought down its head, trained in on a flame hydrant and smashed it, passing on right away.

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